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    Tired of mass followers and spam comments? Take it easy, there’s a new trend taking over Instagram — automatic mass viewing of other Instagram stories exclusively available for our Business Package subscribers.

    Gramy’s new Instagram mass story viewer function in the automation will perfectly handle this on your behalf and this is a great way to earn follow-backs.

    You can watch up to 50,000 stories every hour by using our recommended settings.

    How to Setup Instagram Mass Looking

    1. Click on mass looking from the left navigation.

    2. Select your targets (Hashtags, Location, and people)

    3. Select your desired speed (Slow and Medium are recommended)

    4. Change the Status to Active

    5. Click the Save button to start the activity.

    Pause Actions Everyday: This is a very useful option that let you pause your automation at a set period of the day. It is recommended to pause your activities at Midnight of your local time. This makes your activities look human enough.

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