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    Gramy can keep your account busy while you focus on the more important stuff. The auto like the feature will Like the photos of others based on your target settings. You can even like the Posts of your competitors’ followers.

    How to Set Up the Auto Like

    1. From the automation menu, click Auto Like

    2. The next step requires that you enter your target settings. You can either target by HashtagLocation or People. When searching for a target by typing in the box, you’ll see the number of Instagram Public Posts that targets this hashtag, location or people. Below is a brief on the three target options;

    Hashtag – This lets you target any hashtag on Instagram. This could be a generic hashtag like #holidaytrip or niche-specific like #fashionweek.

    Location – This lets you target a specific location, e.g London. And the system will follow accounts that are from this city or those who’ve tagged the location in many of their posts.

    People – This is also regarded as the competitor tracker. You can simply Like the posts of the followers of your competitor by simply entering your competitor account into the search field.

    3. You can then change the STATUS to ACTIVE

    4. Like the Feed from Timeline – This option let you like the posts on your target users’ timeline that contains your target hashtag or location.

    5. Click SAVE to begin the automation process.

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