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    Gramy helps you post to Instagram and find the right Instagram followers all the time. Make use of hashtag targeting, the automation learning feature, and location targeting to really double down on your audience.

    Then, Gramy starts its magic. That means more likes, more exposure, and more business for you.

    It takes less than 1 minute to sign up for our Instagram bot and set up your first promotion. Automate your social media marketing by following 3 simple steps:

    Sign Up and Add Your Account

    Enter your email or link your account to a social network to create a new account. Connect your Instagram profile(s) to our service.

    Instagram Post Planner

    Save your time and focus on your business

    There’s no need to spend all day on account when you can plan all your visual content from desktop to Instagram.

    Set Up Your New Campaign

    Adjust your activities: target your audience, set daily limits, enable filters.

    • Hashtag Targeting

    Find people relevant to your niche according to hashtags that you specify.

    Pick up more relevant Instagram followers at speed.

    • Location Targets

    Not just looking for followers based on their interests?

    Find new Instagram followers based on their location. Gramy does all the heavy lifting.

    • Smart Targets

    Let Gramy know some accounts you’d like to copy, and Gramy will target their followers.

    Gramy programmatically optimizes who to target, organically getting you more followers.

    Slow Down, Relax, and Enjoy

    Ready! Now let Gramy run your account(s) and track down the results by using our sophisticated analytic tools.

    • Out-The-Box Solution

    Gramy is the go-to solution for small businesses, upcoming influencers, brands, and agencies.

    Get set up in minutes in your free trial and start growing your Instagram on day one.

    By joining Gramy, you’ll become part of our system. You’ll be able to automate your Instagram account actions to get Instagram followers, likes, sending welcome DM, viewing stories and comments via your Instagram account through our AI automation system.

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